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How to Clean Your Gutters in Middletown Like a Pro

July 30, 2019

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There is no substitute for professional gutter cleaning in Middletown, as power washing contractors ensure a thorough clean without the risk of damage to your home or property. Gutter cleaning is also messy and unpleasant, and being on a ladder or your home’s roof is also downright unsafe!

While scheduling Middletown power washing is the best choice for gutter cleaning, you might note a few tips for managing this project yourself. While you might not get a home’s gutters as clean as a professional would, you can reduce the risk of clogs and buildup with a quick and consistent gutter cleaning.

Start With Telescopic Gutter Cleaning Tools

The first step to gutter cleaning is removing built up “gunk,” mud, dirt, and other thick debris. You can get on a ladder and do this job by hand, using a trowel or even gloved hands to scoop out and remove thick residues, ladders are dangerous and cumbersome and physically taxing.

Instead, invest in telescopic gutter cleaning tools. These keep you safely on the ground while allowing you to reach into the gutters and scoop out dirt and mud. These tools also keep you cleaner as you can stand back from the home and its gutters during this messy step!

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Elbows and Downspouts

Elbows connect gutters to downspouts and the insides of these pieces are often caked with dirt and mud! Use your tools to root around inside the elbows and remove or dislodge as much dirt and debris as possible.

Next, run a garden hose in the area of the elbows and note if water flows freely through the downspouts. You might notice some dislodged debris coming with the water and that’s actually a good sign, as it means these residues are no longer stuck in the elbows!

If water doesn’t seem to flow freely through the downspout, use a plumber’s snake to dislodge potential clogs. Use a high-pressure hose up the bottom of the downspout to remove any additional dislodged debris.

It’s also good to use that hose in the gutters, to clean away any residual debris. If you notice mold and moss growing along the roof eaves or other exterior wall surfaces, try a store-bought solution meant for exterior walls and gutters and your high-pressure hose to kill and remove those spores.

While these steps will keep a home’s gutters in relatively good condition, it’s still recommended that you schedule professional Middletown gutter cleaning as needed. A pro will ensure gutters and downspouts are clean and clear and note if they seem undersized or otherwise in need of repairs and replacement.

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