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"These guys are experts and were able to give us a great quote for a complete exterior makeover. Power washing, gutter cleaning, window cleaning as well as pressure washing for our patio and driveway. Thank you so much!!"
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What We Offer:

Safe, effective cleaning
Eco-friendly products
Convenient service times
Friendly customer service
Affordable pricing
Customized services

Why Power Washing?

Dissolves thick dirt and mud
Removes lawn care chemicals
Removes snow clearing salt
Unclogs gutters
Makes windows sparkle
Improves curb appeal

Why Choose Us:

Over 20 years experience
Stellar, 5-star reviews
FREE estimates
Locally owned and operated
Affordable services
We clean it all!

Our Expert Power Washing Company in Middletown Area

Pressure washing is a much-needed service, especially in the spring and fall. Although we specialize in extremely thorough pressure washing for all your property's exterior surfaces, we do so much more. Our mission is to be the Middletown, CT area's one-stop shop for all things exterior house cleaning. From gutter cleaning to window cleaning, our Middletown power washing company manages to put our best foot forward on everything we do, standing behind our services with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. 

Want to learn more about what we do, and who we are? Give us a call or fill out an online request. We promise you won't regret it!

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The Best Company for Power Washing Middletown

Your home or business deserves nothing less than the best pressure washing in Middletown, CT, which you’ll only get from the pros at Middletown Power Washing. We provide safe, effective cleaning for all your outdoor surfaces and stand behind our work with a full customer satisfaction guarantee.

House Power Washing

Power washing services remove layers of dirt, mud, and silt, as well as residual snow clearing salt and lawn care chemicals. Protect exterior siding and brick walls from long-term damage and improve your property’s curb appeal in an instant with power washing services from Middletown Power Washers.

Fence & Deck Washing

Harsh cleansers and improper pressure washing tools and techniques often etch, scratch, chip, or discolor wood fences and decks, which is why you need to leave this job to the pros at Middletown Power Washers. Our expert power washing services in Middletown, CT ensure a safe and effective clean, removing dirt, mud, and mold from wood surfaces.

Patio & Driveway Washing

Our specialty power washing surfactants and detergents seep into concrete and patio pavers, dissolving dirt, sand, mud, dried dust, and other debris, protecting materials from damage while restoring their color and appearance. Get your property’s exterior surfaces ready for summer with a professional clean from Middletown Power Washers!

Commercial Services

Commercial structures caked with years of dirt and grime create an unwelcoming look for potential customers and clients, while a clean and pristine storefront, diner, or office makes a business stand out! Protect your investment and ensure a welcoming appearance with regular commercial power washing from Middletown Power Washers.

Window Cleaning

Gritty debris and acid rain residues are not only unsightly but also etch and scratch window glass over time. Regular window cleaning by the experts at Middletown Power Washers removes damaging sand, silt, dried dust, cobwebs, and other debris, leaving behind sparkling windows that shine!

Gutter Cleaning

Clogged gutters lead to water stains and damage along a home’s roof, exterior walls, and foundation while also creating a messy, unattractive appearance. Avoid these risks and improve curb appeal with professional gutter cleaning by the pros at Middletown Power Washers.

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Middletown Power Washing Services For Your Property

Regular pressure washing services protect your home from damaging mud, dirt, dried dust, sand, silt, and other residues, while improving your property’s curb appeal in an instant. Regular gutter cleaning reduces the risk of unsightly water stains and resultant water damage along a home’s exterior walls and foundation. View our services below or fill out an online request for more information.

residential power washing in Middletown

Professional Residential Power Washing Middletown

Residential power washing in Middletown, CT uses pressurized and heated water to safely and effectively remove damaging and unsightly dirt, grime, mold, and other substances from exterior surfaces. Pressure washing services protect your home from damage while also enhancing curb appeal and potentially increasing its value as well. In addition to exterior house washing, power washing in Middletown, CT is an excellent choice for cleaning:

  • Decks & fences
  • Driveways & patios
  • Walkways sidewalks
  • Awnings & overhangs
  • Gutters & downspouts 
  • Roof cleaning

Middletown Power Washers offers extremely thorough residential power washing in our service area. Call or click today for your FREE quote.


Exterior House Pressure Washing

One of the best ways to protect your property and improve its appearance is by power washing wood or vinyl siding. Our exterior house power washing removes:

  • Layers of dirt and mud
  • Bothersome and unhealthy mold
  • Unsightly, damaging mildew
  • Insect nests and termite tunnels

Our specialty surfactants seep into pits and pores of exterior brick and dissolve grime from siding, safely and effectively. Your home will look clean, pristine, and like-new in an instant after exterior house power washing in Middletown, CT. Call for your free, no-obligation quote!

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middletown pressure washing
commercial power washing middletown

Commercial Power Washing Near Middletown, CT

Commercial power washing is more challenging than washing a house, and not just because businesses are typically larger than homes! Commercial properties include signage, overhangs, lighting, and other features not found on residential properties, which is why you want to leave your commercial power washing to the experts at Middletown Power Washers.

Our skilled pressure washing contractors leave your business looking clean and welcoming for customers and clients. No job is too big or too small. Give us a call and get a free quote on commercial power washing in Middletown CT.


Window Cleaning & Glass Washing

Dirt, mud, sand, silt, and other gritty residues etch and scratch glass over time, creating a cloudy, yellowed look and weakening windows. Instead of replacing perfectly good windows or exterior glass doors, consider hiring a professional contractor for window cleaning in Middletown.

Our safe and gentle window cleaning services remove damaging dirt and debris as well as unsightly dust, cobwebs, and acid rain residues, leaving behind sparkling clean window glass. Your home or business interior will look brighter and more welcoming with clean windows, and you’ll appreciate the view even more after our power washing services in Middletown!

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middletown power washing window washing
gutter cleaning middletown ct

Middletown Gutter Cleaning & Whitening

Gutter cleaning is no doubt every homeowner’s least favorite chore, but clogged gutters are more than just unsightly!

  • Rainwater washing over clogged gutters leaves unsightly water stains along a home’s exterior walls and damages brick and concrete
  • Roofing shingles and tiles absorb standing water in gutters, causing roofing materials to soften, curl, and crumble away
  • Standing rainwater attracts bothersome insects and increases the risk of mold, mildew, and damaging algae along a home’s roof eaves and shingles

To avoid these risks, leave unpleasant gutter cleaning to the skilled experts at Middletown Power Washers.


Exterior Cleaning in Middletown & Surrounding Areas!

Middletown Power Washers is proud to be a locally owned and operated company, with two decades of experience in cleaning away residues from Connecticut storms and ensuring every property is ready for summertime barbecues and entertaining!

Check out our service areas and give us a call for a FREE estimate and great job when you’re ready for the best pressure washing services near Middletown and surrounding areas.

  • Middletown

  • Cromwell

  • Newington

  • Wethersfield

  • Rocky Hill

  • Berlin

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