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Is House Power Washing Bad for Your Home and Property?

May 29, 2020

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Some homeowners mistakenly believe that house power washing is bad for their home or property and results in damage including water leaks, rust, and the like. However, residential pressure washing actually offers many benefits for a home and property, but only when done correctly!

Improper house power washing techniques might result in water leaks and damaged brick or siding but professional residential pressure washing removes corrosive dirt and grime, protecting a home. Residential pressure washing also cleans away bothersome and damaging mold, mildew, and algae, improving outdoor air quality and your home’s appearance.

It’s vital that homeowners make informed decisions about their property’s care and upkeep, to prevent damage to exterior surfaces while also keeping their house clean and pristine! If you’ve been putting off needed residential pressure washing because you assume this work damages a home’s exterior, you might note some reasons why it’s good to schedule regular power washing on your property.

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If you’ve been managing residential power washing, window washing, gutter cleaning, and other such chores yourself, it’s also helpful to consider why it’s best to leave this work in the hands of a professional! A pressure washing company near you ensures a quality job without damage and their expertise is well worth your residential pressure washing costs.

Is House Power Washing Bad for Your Home?

First note some reasons why improper house power washing techniques might damage a home and property, along with the advantages of proper, professional residential pressure washing. You can then make the best decision for keeping your house in good condition and looking its best over the years.

  • Using too much pressure or holding a pressure washing wand too close to surfaces can chip brick, dent siding, etch wood surfaces such as decks and fences, shred aluminum screens, and even shatter thin or brittle window glass.
  • Failing to cover electrical outlets and fixtures properly can result in damaged wiring and electrical shorts.
  • Improper residential pressure washing techniques might chip or peel away paint and especially if it’s already thin and pulling away from surfaces below.
  • Dried detergent residues might attract and lock more dirt and mud than before, making your home’s exterior seem even dirtier not long after power washing!
  • A professional power washing contractor ensures proper techniques, including holding the wand a safe distance from surfaces depending on their materials.
  • A residential pressure washing contractor also uses the correct nozzle on a power washing wand, to control pressure levels while ensuring a deep, thorough clean.
  • Professional power washing removes corrosive lawn care chemicals, snow salt, and motor oil from surfaces around your property, protecting brick, concrete, metal siding, and wood from long-term damage.
  • Residential pressure washing also cleans away mold from wood decks and fences, keeping it from growing and potentially splitting and chipping those surfaces. House power washing also cleans mold from exterior walls and roof eaves, for improved outdoor air quality.
  • House power washing cleans away drying soot from above outdoor cooking area, protecting brick and siding from damage and keeping outside walls looking their best.
  • Algae eats away at asphalt roof shingles. Roof washing removes damaging algae, protecting a home’s roof against premature damage.
  • Professional gutter cleaning removes layers of dirt and mud, preventing standing water and resultant water damage outside a home.

While house power washing offers many benefits for a property, note that a professional ensures this job is done right and without damage! He or she also ensures electrical features and landscaping are covered or otherwise avoided, so your property is protected during their work.

How Often Should You Schedule House Power Washing?

Most homeowners find that house power washing is best done every other year or even every three years. However, some homes might need more regular residential pressure washing, to ensure your property is in good condition. Note a few vital factors to consider about a house power washing schedule for your home.

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  • Homes in coastal areas or located near a body of water might see lots of sand, silt, and other gritty debris. That grit might work its way into pits and pores of concrete and between shingles and roofing tiles, causing premature damage. Annual house power washing might then be suggested, to remove that sand and grit.
  • A house near an airport, busy expressway, or marina might be covered in soot from all those engines! Soot dries out brick, shingles, wood, and other exterior building materials and makes a home look dirty and unkempt. Annual house power washing in those areas can keep your home looking its best.
  • A residential pressure washing company near you can typically clean just certain areas of your home or property, as needed. If you cook outdoors all summer long, consider annual cleaning of exterior walls along your deck or patio. If you notice just one or two exterior walls covered in grass clippings during summer months, ask about annual cleaning of those areas alone.
  • Motor oil and other automotive fluids eat away at asphalt and other such surfaces. For homeowners who have older cars that leak oil or that work on cars and other projects on the driveway, consider annual driveway pressure washing.

It’s also good to schedule house power washing anytime you note dirt, mud, dried dust, mold, or other such debris along exterior walls, roof eaves, and elsewhere. Homeowners are often surprised at the difference power washing makes when it comes to a home’s appearance and how a clean and pristine home enhances landscaping and other such features!

A homeowner might also schedule residential power washing more often than every few years if someone in the home is bothered by dust, mold, and other such irritants. House power washing removes those irritants from outside a home’s many surfaces, keeping them from becoming airborne and even more bothersome to anyone with allergies or other such sensitivities!

What Needs Residential Power Washing on Your Property?

Residential power washing cleans more than just outside walls! Regular gutter cleaning is an essential part of home maintenance, as gutters direct rainwater to downspouts and away from your house and concrete foundation. Clogged gutters means rainwater washing over their sides and down exterior walls and then collecting around a foundation, leading to water damage and interior leaks.

Dirt, grime, and gritty debris collecting on window glass weakens those panes, making them brittle and more prone to breakage. Gritty debris especially leads to etching and scratching on glass surfaces; dirt and debris then settle into those scratches, making glass look cloudy and leading to even more damage.

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Mold and mildew along wood decks and fences also tends to spread, working its way into small chips and cracks. As mold and mildew grow, they force wood to separate, leading to even larger cracks and other such damage! Mold on decks also means very poor air quality and is especially bothersome to those with breathing disorders, allergies, and other sensitivities.

Inspect these areas of your home and property regularly and choose professional residential power washing as needed. Gutter cleaning, window washing, wood fence and deck cleaning, and other such specialized pressure washing ensures those areas are clean and pristine while also protecting them from damage!

How Much Does House Power Washing Cost?

Many residential pressure washing companies charge by the square foot rather than hourly, and might adjust those charges according to levels of dirt clinging to the home, ease of accessibility, and other such factors. Many homeowners typically pay around $200-$300 for exterior house power washing with added charges for gutter cleaning, window washing, driveway pressure washing, and fence and deck power washing.

A pressure washing company near you might also offer a discount for combining these services since they then only need to come to your property and unload their equipment once! If you’re worried about house power washing costs, ask about potential discounts for scheduling more than one service as well as discounts for off-season work.

Related Questions

Is house power washing environmentally friendly?

Many pressure washing contractors use as little fresh water as possible during house power washing. He or she also ensures dirty water is collected into a holding tank or directed to storm drains, rather than getting absorbed by your lawn! Pressure washing detergents are also typically safe for the environment as well as people and pets.

Do power washing companies use a homeowner’s water?

Some pressure washing companies have tanks of fresh water in their trucks but note that many use a homeowner’s water, from their outdoor hose bib. Before you assume this will raise your water bill significantly, note that a garden hose typically goes through about eight gallons of water per minute while pressure washing equipment might use only five gallons. You might also wind up paying a significantly higher price for a pressure washing company that brings their own water.

What’s the difference between residential and commercial power washing?

Both residential and commercial power washing typically use the same tools and cleaning methods, but note that commercial properties often have features not found outside residential homes! House power washing typically doesn’t include washing business signage, large-scale light fixtures, parking lots, and the like. Choose a company that specializes in your needed power washing services, to ensure it gets done right!


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