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How Often Should You Schedule Gutter Cleaning in Middletown?

May 29, 2020

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Professional gutter cleaning in Middletown is an excellent way of protecting your home from exterior water damage and ensuring its exterior always looks its best. Gutter direct rainwater to attached downspouts, which then continue to direct that water away from the home and to a street or nearby storm drain, or other such area.

If you’ve been putting off professional gutter cleaning for a Middletown home, you might note some reasons why this work is so vital and then consider some tips for deciding how often to schedule this task. You might do well to consider, too, why this work is best left to a Middletown power washing company! You’ll then make the best decision for ensuring your home is clean and pristine and always in good condition.

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Why Your Home Needs Regular Middletown Gutter Cleaning

Before you go another month or, worse yet, full year without scheduling professional gutter cleaning for a Middletown home, you might note some reasons why this work is so vital. Gutters collect rainwater as well as melting snow and ice and then direct that moisture to nearby downspouts, as said. The curved, elongated ends of downspouts direct that water even further from your home, letting it run to a nearby street, drain, or other reservoir.

Directing moisture away from the home ensures that water doesn’t collect around its foundation. When water pools around a home’s foundation, its concrete absorbs that moisture, leading to cracks, chips, and other such damage. Not only does that damage weaken a foundation but it also allows moisture into a home, increasing the risk of interior water damage and mold growth!

Clogged gutters allow rainwater to pool in their channels rather than run to downspouts. As water pools in gutters, it then washes over their sides and along exterior walls. Brick absorbs this water, softening and weakening, and water also seeps into a home’s interior through cracks and dents in exterior siding. Water washing down a home’s exterior walls also means unsightly water marks and streaks!

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Roof shingles and other materials also absorb standing rainwater, softening and crumbling away. That standing water and excess moisture also increases the risk of mold, mildew, moss, and algae growing along roof eaves and edges. Not only are these contaminants unhealthy but they also loosen roofing shingles and tiles, increasing the risk of losing them in strong winds!

Professional gutter cleaning of a Middletown home removes thick mud, dirt, sand, silt, leaves, seeds, twigs, and other such debris. Garden hoses are often insufficient for cleaning away all that residues, especially hardened dirt and grime and dried dust. Middletown gutter cleaning keeps them clean and clear and allows water to flow freely to downspouts and away from your home, protecting it from potential damage.

How Often Should You Schedule Gutter Cleaning for a Middletown Home?

Most homeowners find that annual Middletown gutter cleaning is sufficient for keeping those gutters clean and clear. However, note that tree branches often drop lots of sap, leaves, seeds, Spanish moss, twigs, and other such debris which then builds up in gutters. If you have lots of mature trees on your property and especially if their branches hang over or near the home’s roof, you might need professional gutter cleaning more often than once per year.

Storms also blow lots of debris around and allow it to settle in a home’s gutters, so consider added gutter cleaning after a strong storm or stormy season. Construction projects and production facilities might also “kick up” lots of dirt, dust, and other debris, which then settle into a home’s gutters. If you notice lots of dust settling inside your home or soot and other debris along exterior walls, this might indicate that your home needs professional gutter cleaning!

Why Avoid DIY Residential Pressure Washing in Middletown

Residential pressure washing of a Middletown home is vital for keeping gutters clean as well as for removing thick dirt and unpleasant mold from exterior walls, roof eaves, and other such surfaces. While this work is vital for keeping your home in good condition and looking its best, it’s also not a DIY job!

Many home improvement stores sell or even rent pressure washing equipment, and a homeowner might manage some lightweight power washing jobs around the property on their own, but deep cleaning and especially gutter cleaning is best left to the pros. Before you head off to the hardware store or pull out your pressure washing equipment, consider some reasons why you might call a Middletown power washing company instead.

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Safety should always be your first concern for any home renovation or maintenance project. Being on a ladder is always precarious and even more so when trying to manage power washing equipment! Using telescoping handles and other equipment to keep you safely on the ground also means you can’t see inside those gutters, to ensure a thorough job.

Improper power washing techniques might also damage a home rather than clean it as expected. Pressure washing spray might loosen roofing shingles and tiles or shred nearby window screens. A homeowner might even loosen gutter and downspout connectors during DIY pressure washing, pulling those pieces away from the home!

Professional power washing companies also might use specialty surfactants not available to homeowners, to gently dissolve thick dirt and grime. This process ensures a thorough yet gentle clean, protecting gutters from damage while also removing even the thickest dirt, mud, and other hardened debris.

How Much Should Middletown Gutter Cleaning Cost?

A Middletown pressure washing company might offer a flat rate for gutter cleaning, usually anywhere from $70 to $200, depending on your home’s overall square footage. A pressure washing contractor might also offer a discount on gutter cleaning in Middletown if you schedule this work along with exterior house washing, roof cleaning, and other such services.

Gutter cleaning in Middletown might also include gutter undersides, and excellent choice if you notice “tiger stripes” or unsightly streaks along the bottom or backs of gutters. Those streaks often result from water washing over gutter sides so paying a bit extra for that cleaning ensures a beautiful, spotless home exterior.

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